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Can data hosting provide me a secure, flexible workflow at an affordable price?

Maximum Control at Affordable Cost

The need to maintain reliable computers in your office is one of the most frequent problems many businesses face. This is most true with the server because it does the heavy work for the entire office.

Servers require the greatest costs to purchase and installation major programs such as your medical billing software and EHR. Ongoing maintenance is the greatest investment of time and money. If the server stops working on a network system, so does your Medisoft and EHR.

Genesis Billing & Solutions offers a powerful and simple solution to this concern: data hosting. In conjunction with our application hosting business partner, we offer our clients freedom from server concerns so you can focus on a reliable network for all your needs.

The process is very simple. We take care of all the work for you. The data is stored on our servers, freeing you from the expense and maintenance. Simply connect to it from your office using our secured internet connection. That’s it.

Benefits of Data Hosting

Your Medisoft billing data, office schedule, and any hosted products are always available from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. You still own your applications and your data. We alleviate the stress of server maintenance, data backups, and replacement costs.

Management. Access. Flexibility.

Choose the perfect plan

Your connection fees to the data are all covered in a single monthly bill. Add or remove your number of logins as your needs demand with no long-term contract.

This fee is priced per user, meaning you only need to purchase as many connections as you would have simultaneous users.

An office of five, for example, could have as few as one connection if only one person was using Medisoft or a connected product at any given time.


Per month


Per month

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